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Teltonika TRB245 M2M LTE Endüstriyel Ağ Geçidi

Teltonika TRB245 Industrial M2M LTE Gateway

Teltonika TRB245 Industrial M2M LTE Gateway is an industrial all-in-one LTE Cat 4 gateway equipped with RS232, RS485 (multiple input/output) and Ethernet interfaces, enabling universal application in machine-to-machine solutions. These gateways are used in various industrial applications, enabling data exchange and remote management. 

LTE is a mobile communications standard used in wireless communications. LTE underpins 4G (fourth generation) wireless communication technology. This technology provides high-speed data transfer, better capacity and improved network performance.

Wireless LTE technology is a wireless communication technology that is preferred by a wide range of users today for its high-speed data transfer, wide coverage and advanced performance.

CAT 4 (Category 4) is a category used in the LTE (Long-Term Evolution) network and refers to wireless communication speed. It meets your wireless communication needs with high-speed data transmission, high uplink speed, wide coverage with LTE technology, data-intensive applications, reliability and backward compatibility.

What are the Features and Advantages?

Teltonika TRB245 Gateway

4G/LTE (Cat 4), 3G, 2G

With auto failover, backup WAN and other switching scenarios

RS232/RS485 serial communication interfaces

Multiple Inputs and Outputs for remote monitoring and control


Where are TRB245 Gateways Used?

Teltonika Industrial TRB245 M2M LTE Gateways can be used for wireless connectivity in home and business, industrial automation, transportation, logistics, agriculture and many other application areas.

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