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Ruijie Bulut Servisi

Ruijie Cloud Service

Ruijie Cloud Service is one of the world's largest network management platforms that provides free and secure services to its customers.

Ruijie Cloud Service is a cloud-based service that helps the user manage and control devices and networks. It can monitor the network and configure or remotely control devices, as well as perform authentication and marketing management. It is a useful solution for chain stores, small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprises with a headquarters-branch structure, operator networks and other lightweight scenarios.

Ruijie Cloud Service not only implements AP management, but also performs wireless control functions such as automatic channel and power adjustment, optimised radio frequency (RF) management and L2/L3 roaming to ensure a truly usable wireless network. It can also solve the problems of access points or other devices scattered across different cities and store locations that are difficult to manage or monitor in a centralised manner. The weak connection between the Cloud Service and APs and the separation of management from data are more convenient and cost-effective than a wireless network over the internet.

The easiest solutions from home use to corporate projects

With a wide range of manageable cloud services, whether you're at home, a small business or a large enterprise, enjoy easy deployment, management and provisioning with the cloud-managed Ruijie family.

Centralised Management

Ruijie Bulut Servisi sayesinde işletmenizin ağ oluşturma ihtiyaçlarını karşılar 24/7 kesintisiz hizmetten faydalanabilirsiniz. Moreover, without paying any fee.

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