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Reyee Cloud Managed Router

Reyee Cloud Managed Router is available with 2 models with a simplified yet powerful, user-friendly interface, easy to install, configure and use.

  1. RG-EG105GW is an all-in-one business wireless router, which means it combines multiple functions in a single device. It not only provides internet connectivity and network management but also includes wireless capabilities, allowing devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets to connect to the network via Wi-Fi.
  2. RG-EG105G-P V2 is a PoE (Power over Ethernet) router, meaning it can deliver power and data to connected devices through a single Ethernet cable. It is primarily designed to provide internet connectivity and network management capabilities for devices like access points, IP cameras, or other PoE-enabled devices.

Reyee cloud managed router RG-EG105GWis a high-performance enterprise-grade wireless router designed for small enterprise offices, small and medium-sized stores, food and beverage industry, etc. The brushed aluminum top cover of the metal casing not only provides exquisite texture, but also shields the external interference, thereby improving the quality of signal transmission and the stability of the device.

RG-EG105GW supports rich scenario-based application configurations, and guarantees the priority for the network experience of the employees’ office, cashier system and ordering system of the restaurants, so as to meet the application needs of small enterprises, small and medium-sized shops, restaurants, etc.

With the unified management of RG-EG105GW, the entire network can be centrally configured through the mobile app and MACC (Managed @ Cloud Center) cloud platform for remote management and fault diagnosis.

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Performance Specifications

Multiple WAN: You can easily switch between the multiple WAN ports provided by the product.

Large Bandwidth: When flow control is disabled, the recommended downlink bandwidth is 500M, which can meet the requirements of most application scenarios. The device supports concurrent dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz. It offers up to 450Mbps at 2.4GHz, up to 867Mbps at 5GHz and up to 1317Mbps per router.

High Concurrency: The maximum number of clients supported is 100. The 802.11ac Wave2 MU-MIMO feature improves the network experience of multiple concurrent wireless users, thereby increasing the maximum wireless capacity to 100. The recommended number of clients is 64, which is sufficient for most scenarios including smart homes, stores, and offices with wired / wireless terminals and smart appliances.

RG-EG105GW adopts high-power PA (power amplifier) and high-sensitivity LNA (low noise amplifier), greatly improving the wireless coverage. Users can get full wireless signals at any location in the room and enjoy high-quality and fast Wi-Fi for any services such as voice call, video call and web browsing

System Hang Prevention: The built-in watchdog timer automatically restarts the device when fault occurs to guarantee user experience.

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RG-EG105G-P V2

Reyee Cloud Managed Router RG-EG105G-P V2 is a high-performance and cost-effective gigabit Ethernet router designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It features five gigabit Ethernet ports, advanced QoS mechanisms, intuitive management tools and robust security features to help organizations achieve their network goals. The router is energy efficient and complies with the latest green networking standards, making it an environmentally friendly choice for businesses looking to upgrade their network infrastructure. 

Highlights for Reyee Cloud Managed Router RG-EG105G-P V2:

  1. This Reyee Cloud Managed Router model has user-friendly configuration, easy to learn: Self-organizing network, centralized network management, scenario-based configuration, cloud portal authentication, remote monitoring and maintenance.
  2. Reyee Cloud Managed Router provides break-free and load-balanced multi-WAN internet support.
  3. Reyee Cloud Managed Router can easily block unwanted applications with its automatically updated library.
  4. With the Reyee Cloud Managed Router, you get what you see on the screen with a customizable portal page.
  5. Reyee Cloud Managed Router, remote secure access to the internal device: Whether dynamic or dedicated IP on the gateway WAN port, the NVR/IPC/Internal Server can be securely monitored from anywhere at any time.
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