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snom m30 - m400 - m100

Wireless Operation: The Small Office and Home Office market can now benefit from the Snom DECT revolution

With the DECT base stations M100 SC and M400 DC and the new DECT IP phones M10 SC and M30, Snom meets the demand for professional, cordless IP telephony in home offices and small businesses of up to 20 employees.

Smaller organizations such as branches, medical practices, or law firms with 1 to 20 employees often opt for wireless options for telephony. This is often due to a need for flexibility or enhanced employee mobility in small work environments. That's why they usually need DECT phones. However, the scope of functionality within these solutions may be limited, as many applications, from private domain switching to call forwarding, are redundant. As a result, organizations had either no solutions to date or had to settle for only semi-professional solutions. As frustrating as this was, it often resulted in lower worker productivity.

There is a better way…

As a globally established brand for premium IP phones, Snom Technology has always sought to provide customized VoIP solutions to all organizations – whatever their size. Now they are extending the DECT revolution into the small office / home office segment by offering two wireless work lines specifically designed for smaller and more flexible organizations.