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Network Solutions

  • Wired network solutions
    • Creation of cable infrastructure
    • Arrangement of cable infrastructure and increase its efficiency
    • Locating and configuring active network devices
  • Wireless network solutions
    • Locating and configuring wireless network devices
    • Ensuring wireless network security and efficiency
  • Fiber Optic network solutions
    • Creation of Fiber Optic cable infrastructure
    • Detection and repair of fiber optic infrastructure failures
    • Locating and configuring Fiber Optic network devices
  • Wide area network solutions
    • Metro Ethernet connectivity solutions
    • In-house, inter-branch network configuration (VPN)
    • Configuring the communication of inter-organizational networks (WAN)
    • Configuring the communication of different network structures with each other (MAN)
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Ağ Güvenliği Çözümleri

Network Security Solutions

  • Firewall positioning and configuration.
  • Ensuring VPN security.
  • Network access control (NAC) solutions.
  • Network users security (EPM) software solutions.

Transmission and Communication Solutions

  • Hybrid and IP Telephony Solutions.
  • Call Center Solutions.
  • Video and Non-Video Conferencing Solutions.
  • Computer-Telephone Integration (CTI) solutions.
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  • Optimizing backup units.
  • Determining and configuring storage space needs.
  • Ensuring data security in Backup and Storage units.
Depolama ve Yedekleme Çözümleri
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allied telesis - sunucu kurulum hizmetleri

server setup services

  • Virtualization Solutions
    • Identifying and configuring the required platform for virtualization
    • Determination of optimum resources required for virtualization
    • Ensuring the security and redundancy of virtual systems
  • Installation and optimization of Hosting, Monitoring, Log servers and similar servers
  • Active Directory Server Solutions
    • Active Directory server setup and integration into the office environment
    • Integration of Backup and Storage units into Active Directory server
    • Integration of firewall, Network access control and security software with Active Directory
    • Integration of network devices with Active Directory


  • Intercom solutions.
  • Security camera solutions
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