Are We?

About Akçaba Communications

What do we do?

2000’li yıllarda internetin gelişmesiyle ve internete bağlı iletişim araçlarının sayısının artmasıyla, özel kurumlar ve kamu kurumları için bilgi aktarımı ile haberleşme hızını ve güvenliğini sağlamak çok önemli bir hale gelmiştir. Bu sebeple, bilgi teknolojileri ve haberleşme alanlarında uzmanlaşmış yönetici ekibimiz ile 2005 yılından beri faaliyetlerimize devam etmekteyiz. İleri düzeyde teknik bilgiye sahip, sektör deneyimi olan, sertifikalı mühendislerimiz ve teknik çalışanlarımız ile bu alanlarda müşterilerimize terzi işi anahtar teslimi çözümler sunmaktayız. 

Besides project advising, setup and after-setup services, we also offer TDP/IP PBX and Call Center solutions, fiber optic wiring, termination and testing services with sales supporting of transmission equipment.

Güvenlik kameraları, fiziksel erişim çözümleri, yangın algılama, genel ve acil seslendirme ve bina otomasyon sistemleri gibi zayıf akım projelerinin tasarımı, montajı ve devreye alımı da verdiğimiz hizmetler arasındadır.



In 2005, as the first private company in Northern Cyprus to invest in optical fusion and OTDR devices, we started to meet the needs in the field of fiber optics.



In 2009, we launched our production facility to manufacture fiber optic and patch cables locally.



Our new subsidiary, which we launched in 2022, eliminates the cyber security threat and extra device cost with pigeonPBX, our cloud switchboard solution with an efficient and cost-effective unified communication for your communication; We offer you excellent communication opportunity at the most affordable prices.

Akçaba Communications has a very devoted and disciplined working principle both as a company and with its personnel. I would like to thank Akçaba Ltd for providing all kinds of technical support both on time and successfully.
Burke Yeşilada
Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry

Our Aim


Speed and security with good communication, good communication, smooth cooperation is possible and Akçaba Communications provides all of these for you.

With our competent and hardworking team, we work to ensure that your work is not interrupted and that your day is pleasant and productive. 

Our Goals


Our main goal is uninterrupted and quality communication. We will work hard to ensure and protect the secure communication of any of our customers and future ones working with us, and we will always achieve more.

We want to be a pioneer in reliability and speed within the businesses we do the same job, and mean for you a guarantee of good communication at all times.

Tailor made solutions

In the age of rapidly developing technology, you may not know exactly what kind of solution or product you need for communication. However, we determine your needs exactly and offer you the most suitable solution.

Audio and Video Solutions

Call Center,
Conference System

We are at your service with the primary components of business communication, telephone exchange, easy-to-use and functional business phones, active / passive noise canceling headphones, accessories of all communication devices and conference room solutions.

Telephone Switchboard

We offer IP PBX and virtual PBX solutions for businesses of all sizes and types.


We offer a solution for every need with our IP, analog, desktop, wall-mounted, DECT, operator phone types.


Anlaşma sağlamanın yolu iyi ve kaliteli bir iletişimdir. İletişim için ilk koşul ise kristal gibi bir ses. Dünyanın alanında uzmanlaşmış en iyi markaları ile size mümkün olan en iyi iş iletişimini sağlıyoruz.


Regarding other pillars of today’s communications such as conference room solutions, necessary assistive devices for phones as well as headset and more keep in mind to contact us.
Videoyu oynat
In addition to business communication, we offer solutions in partnership with Purple to get to know your customers better and to expand your customer portfolio through social media and other platforms.

We offer competent solutions for your workspace with our expert staff

We do everything from structured cabling to switchboard and network installations, from security (camera installations, firewall solutions) to storage solutions with our competent staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

We bring together our existing brochures and information forms for many product categories in a single catalog. The catalog will be published online soon.

In addition to micro data center solutions for server rooms, and structured cabling, cabinet and accessories (fan, keyboard drawer, shelf, outlet, organizer, etc.) we provide sales as well as installation services of network switches, gateways, environmental monitoring products, fire detection, uninterruptible power supply, servers, data storage, access control products, firewalls and data security software sales.

Yes. We offer security camera, NVR sales, installation and post-sales support services.

Yes. We have entrance control, access control systems sales, installation and post-sales support services.

We are available to work for urgent technical service requests including weekends.

We have exploration and project design studies to offer you the appropriate solution and to determine your needs exactly and offer the appropriate solution.

Structural data cables, fiber optic cables and copper indoor and underground telephone cables, in short, all cables that can be used in communication field are available in our stocks.
Note: Copper telephone cables are supplied on order.

We provide required training of our installed and assembled devices for further efficient and effective use. Apart from this, in case of demand, we provide training on VoIP technologies, fiber optic fusion and fault detection.