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Telefonunuzu seçin, iş iletişiminizin kurallarını siz belirleyin!

Set the rules with Alcatel-Lucent!

With the advancement of technology, analog telephones, which have been widely used since the early days of telecommunications, and which are still in use in rural areas and in places where technological infrastructure is not fully developed, have started to be replaced by digital and IP telephones.

Since digital phones transmit sound by converting it into digital signals, they can support data transmission while providing higher voice quality. DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) phones are an example of wireless digital telephone technology. This technology is used for cordless telephones in homes or offices. DECT phones can often offer longer range and better sound quality. IP phones enable voice and data communication through Internet Protocol (IP) based networks. These types of phones work with VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, allowing you to communicate without the need for traditional phone lines. Although each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages, digital and IP phones, which bring more additional features with advancing technology, can meet your needs more today.

Today, telephones are indispensable communication devices for smooth and seamless business communication. As companies grow, the need for communication increases and they need new features. Rather than analog phones, we can meet these needs through digital and IP phones.

While digital phones from telecommunication companies such as Alcatel-Lucent with features such as advanced voice quality, large screen and menu, call waiting meet the needs of SMEs; Internet-based IP phones offer ideal solutions for corporate companies with the advantages they provide, including mobile applications and smartphone integration.

We listed the main Alcatel-Lucent phones as digital, desktop, DECT, IP and hybrid models below and tried to explain their highlights. Choose your phone, set the rules of your communication!

ALE 8232 DECT Handset

The ALE 8232 DECT phone offers easy-to-use, cost-effective and reliable voice communication that meets the mobility needs of evolving business environments. The 8232 DECT phone offers a convenient and practical solution for the basic personal mobility needs of most business environments. It provides simple and efficient voice communication, enhanced usability and compatibility with existing Alcatel-Lucent DECT base stations. The 8232 DECT Phone also provides value-added voice services (such as dial-by-name and multi-line management) to all ALE communication servers supported by Alcatel-Lucent fixed desk phones.

Alcatel-Lucent 8232

ALE 8212 DECT Handset

Compact and affordable DECT Phone for quality communication

Improve customer service: The lightweight and compact phone is always with them, making it easy for employees to access.

Offer your customers excellent communication quality: excellent voice quality, also available in hands-free mode, ensures clarity during important conversations.

Answer customer calls quickly and accurately: 3 contextual keys, backlit color display keys with 4-way navigation and instant access to local directory.

ALE 8212

ALE 8008 Entry - Level Desktop Phone

Built on the popular premium desk phone line, the new Eco-Friendly ALE 8008 desk phone is an efficient IP phone. This entry-level phone offers a modern business-class design with advanced, user-friendly telephony features provided by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Communications servers. Its three-line display-application, combined with programmable and navigation keys, is exceptionally user-friendly with quick access to the directory for enhanced employee productivity.


  • Wideband device
  • Advanced telephony features
  • 6 softkeys
  • 4-way navigator
  • Lighted keys and notifications (Incoming call, message, audio control, programmable keys
  • 128x64 B&W graphical display
  • Power over Ethernet class 1 for low power consumption 


  • Modern design enriches the product line
  • Perfect for required, and supplemental IP telephony needs
  • A good-value deskphone with a complete PBX feature set
  • Modern intuitive design offering premium quality in a compact format
  • Eco friendly with low power consumption

ALE 8038 Premium Deskphone

These Premium Desk Phones offer a rich IP communication experience with exceptional wide band audio quality and great conversational comfort, hands-free or using the comfortable handset. This innovative design set comes with a variety of ergonomic enhancements such as adjustable foot stand, alphabetic keyboard, backlit display, dedicated function keys, user-friendly navigator, as well as a comprehensive set of accessories.

ALE 4028 IP Touch (EOL)

Part of the ALE professional series, these IP phones offer all telephony features with integrated IP connectivity and the combined power of data and voice.

In addition to the ability to support web-based business applications, IP touch gives you optimized design; high-resolution, adjustable color or grayscale displays; superior listening quality and ringtones; and the freedom and connectivity of Bluetooth® cable technology.

Your Personal Assistant

  1. Provide a single multimedia mailbox for all messages, including voice, e-mail and fax.
  2. Never miss unanswered VIP calls thanks to the call log.
  3. Access the universal directory service easily.
  4. Offer a “find me, follow me” facility to avoid caller frustration when trying to reach you
  5. Don’t be bothered by non-urgent calls when meeting important customers.
  6. Record time spent on the phone and produce a periodic time report by client, file or by-the-hour billing.
  7.  And contact us for a range of other features.

ALE 4018 IP Touch (EOL)

Instant Business Communication

IP touch phones are always on, ready to provide the best communication service whenever you need it and connect to other devices and applications in real time.

They are fast, with easy-to-use features and interactive soft keys, making them the ideal focal point for all your business communications.

Call Center Representative

Advanced and intuitive capabilities to increase the personal efficiency of contact center agents, including:

  1. Login/logout in group, plus password management
  2. Agent status (on/off duty, pause, wrap-up)
  3. Group monitoring
  4. Queue information display
  5. Saturation indicator

ALE Deskphones Essential Range

ALE 20h / 30h Hybrid Digital/IP Deskphone

ALE DeskPhones Essential rangeALE DeskPhones Essential range The ALE DeskPhones Essential range offers a rich communication experience with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions. The three models – ALE-20, ALE-20h and ALE-30h – include a compact design and intuitive navigation.

These rich-featured models offer the best price-performance ratio. Enjoy wideband audio quality from the handset or in hands-free mode. USB-A and USB-C ports allow you to conveniently connect a headset.

With a large display, software keys and a four-way navigation button, the Essential DeskPhones simplify the user experience. Quickly and easily contact colleagues and customers by using the optional alphabetic keyboard.

The ALE-20h and ALE-30h offer hybrid digital and IP connectivity, and allow you to leverage your existing infrastructure, while evolving with your needs. Make a smooth transition from digital to IP while protecting your investment. Deploy securely the Essential range in any business environment, from on premises PBX, to cloud deployment on Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise servers.

You can deploy the phones at home or in the office on ALE communication servers. The ALE-20 model includes two RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet ports. The ALE-20h and ALE-30h models integrate an RJ-45 IP and digital port with automatic detection mode.

Business phones: ALE DeskPhones

ALE-300 Dual Gigabit Ethernet IP Deskphone With Corded Handset

The superwideband audio renders perfect bass and treble for quality conversations. The cylindric sound bar delivers 3D audio for a group conversation in a meeting room or in a home office. The three microphones capture the sound while attenuating surrounding noise to protect the quality of your conversations.

Make your workday brighter and bolder with the sleek, compact design, including metal frame, adjustable metal stand, and coloured textile covered sound bar. Add alphabetic keyboard, key module, and cordless handset to manage calls better. Pair headsets, computer, and smartphone using USB and Bluetooth® and enjoy excellent audio quality for all your conversations.